Consumer product safety

We enlarged our service scope for 2007. The installation regarding lab capabilities for toy safety testing and consumer goods safety is our trendsetting project.
Since REACH became 2007 effective we were well prepared for you. Our RSL approach referring to versatile topics of Flow Chart-, Hazard-, Exposure-Risk Assessment and Recall Management) includes all considerations about Product Safety and Product Liability.

Toy Safety

We advise you regarding
  • Applicability of Toy Safety Directive
    • Requirements regarding CE-labelling
    • Requirements regarding warnings
    • Requirements regarding further labellings
  • Applicability of other Product Safety Acts (German and European requirements) regarding appropiate
  • Guidelines for placing on the market
  • Agegrading of toys
  • Planning of test schedules
  • Testing regarding EN 71, EN50088, ASTM F 963
  • EMC and RoHS-testing of electric toys
  • Impacts by REACH, RSL approachs
  • Risk Assessment Management
  • Quality management strategy

Further Services regarding Comsumer product safety

Fingerprint Tracking Method
GC/MS analysis technology used:
  • for organic substances in products
  • as control tool for process and product general quality
Provision of further consulting service related to professional opinion, issue of counterstatements, optimisation public relation strategy due to
  • obligation to give information (Art.33) regarding SVHCs
  • on request by consumer within 45 days of receipt of request
  • optionally in case of public campaigns by NGO´s (Greenpeace, consumer watch foundations) due to contaminated consumer articles